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Feeling Lazy – batter mix by Andy Barrow – Soundcloud

Another new track from my Soundcloud channel,featuring the great sounds from the Korg IOS app, Korg Gadgets


Feeling lazy – batter mix by AB-Electro

Another busy night

Finally get to spend some time on here. Updating this site, to get it back to where it belongs. That is back on the first page of Google…. here’s hoping. Its late at night, I have an early start and my eyes are dropping out of my head right now, but need to get this done. The joys of trying to be an independent artist.

I may in the forthcoming weeks post information on where I am at with this whole process. There are already a few sites out there highlighting what needs to be done, as always, didn’t save the url. So if anyone reading this has started going through the process of starting out, please feel free to leave your comments or a link to your Site. I am quite happy to add links on this site as long as they are relevant to Music, Production or marketing. Please let me know.

Also any advise thrown my way, wouldn’t go amiss either.

Many thanks for reading.



See the light – original composition by Andy Barrow using Korg Gadgets.

Andy Barrow on Reverbnation

I am also on Reverbnation,

Have a quick look at this.

See the light – Performed on the Korg Gadget

See the light – by Andy Barrow by AB-Electro

Solitude Playlist – from Soundcloud

Solitude Playlist – from Soundcloud

Solitude – Album by AB-Electro

Solitude – The Beginning – Original Composition

Solitude – The Beginning – Original Composition

Solitude – The Begining – Original Composition by AB-Electro

Sit back and relax – Performed on the Korg Gadgets – on Soundcloud

Sit back and relax

Sit back and relax by AB-Electro

Space for my Stuff

Space for my Stuff

Space for my stuff by AB-Electro

My life unfolded- Korg Gadgets app

From Soundcloud