Current Projects

Project One
DSLR Remote Control

Control DSLR Camera via Cable (not USB at this stage).
Have access to Half Push function in order to activate Metering/Auto-focus as required.
Activate Shutter normal operation or BULB.
Activate Shutter in BULB mode – timed exposures.
Possible options may include – Variable time that the shutter is open.
Sequential shooting regardless of Shutter mode eg, Time lapse photography.

The first step will be to ascertain the correct wiring for the Canon Camera, this should be a simple process and a basic first step to ensure that the DSLR can be controlled by using off the shelf components.

Once this has been established – set out an Arduino/Red Board to be used in place of the standard hardware control, by using the Micro controller to activate the Metering/Auto Focus and also the Shutter.

From this point on, design a layout for the project using a breadboard, components and connections to carry out the above tasks. Once completed and confirmed fully functional, add additional functionality to the design by using a method of adjusting the time that the shutter remains open in the case of BULB or Timed exposures. This can be a control that increments shutter open time by increasing/decreasing in 1 Second steps. One thing to note, the Camera must be in BULB mode for this to function correctly. Else the DSLR will continue to activate the shutter and make multiple exposures. This is beyond the scope of this project, hardware and program.

Once this has been completed and tested without issues, the program and hardware can be migrated across to a more basic and cheaper controller with the above program and feature set installed into a more usable project box and tested before sealing.

Functionality to be able to re-program the controller should also be considered – if able to do so with space and functionality of the device used.