Friday – Home Alone

It’s great to have a Friday off, making my weekend a long weekend, that’s always a winner. However, i cannot start any of the things I need to do today as there are workmen in the back garden, working on the sewer at the base of the garden. The joys of having an easement on your property. Thus far they have removed whatever blockage was in the main sewer, I can tell by the stench that has bubbled its way through the toilets in the bathrooms. Thankfully our sewer lines must be free of incident, either now or before.

So whilst I wait for them to finish, I thought I would have a look round YouTube and Google+. Yes I am bored. Google+/YouTube or GooTube or YouGle as I call it, has changed in so many ways. I could blame Google, or maybe its the people on YouTube these days. It could also be the fact that people have become painful and awkward. It seems that people’s boredom threshold has decreased, attitudes have changed, mentality has for the want of a better expression, gone to the dogs (polite version of my original thought) and finally, it seems that the only thing that interests us are no-name/no-talent reality TV which appears to have destroyed our perception of what is ‘entertainment’ these days!

My time on YouTube wasn’t for naught. I managed to find some information I need for my future projects. I have already started bookmarking video’s and pages relating to what I need to make an informed decision. All that remains now is cost. I want this to be as frugal as possible, I don’t want to be spending hours of my time and not make any progress, nor do I want to spend copious amounts of money. Start simple is always the best option. But, what is simple these days? What qualifies as being a good but cheap investment? These are the questions I need to answer. I also need to look at what I can use these devices for, can I use them in my Music? Can I also use these for the Model Rail project? I also need to get my head around the coding, can I start to learn C/C++ without banging my head against the wall and end up with a lot of cheap stuff lying around gathering dust?

So now the workmen have left, I can now start my jobs for the day.

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