When is hard too hard?

Starting back seemed like a great idea at the time, except, adding all those details, images, oh…and the text part, yes writing takes time. I know Rome wasn’t built in a day, however, trying to make good use of this site by adding worthwhile content on here is going to take more than one night. So its important to get this right from the start, making sure that whatever I post on this blog fits with whatever appearance this site takes.

I could have used Dreamweaver or some other html editor to create a static based website, then update the pages ‘as and when’ I get round to it. That is a little more time consuming and personally, very distracting and time consuming, especially when there are so many ready built options, that create dynamic pages such as WordPress and a dozen other Blog applications that allow you to just login and post. No hassle.

For now, its a simple case of starting to buildup the relevant pages required to fulfill the reasons why I started this website back up.

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